Visiting India

Training Locations:

Chennai- South India.

Jaipur- North India.

Ahmedabad- Vadodara- Central India.


Visa: A visa is mandatory to enter India. Indian Govt does not provide visa on arrival. In case if you require documentation for your visa application kindly advise so that the same can be provided. We will send you an invitation letter which can be produced in your local Indian Consulate. Please provide us with your full name, address, passport number etc for providing this letter.

Airport: All training Locations have an International Airport.

Chennai- Has an International Airport , which is connected by flights from all countries.

Jaipur: Has an International Airport with limited International flights from Dubai and Singapore, However it most probably will be more convinient to you to get a flight till Delhi and then take a local connection to Jaipur. Jaipur is well connected to Delhi and the flying time is half an hour. Alternatively train service is also available from Delhi to Jaipur, but advanced booking has to be made for this train.

You will be picked up from the airport by our Driver. He will have a board with your name , Eye Sx Training name and the Hospital name. In case you have difficulty in spotting the driver, feel free to call us. Do not get into any unauthorised taxis.

Currency: The Local currency here is Rupees. One Dollar is approximately 52 Rupees ( Subject to Change) Money can be changed at the money changer in the airport or any authorised money changers. We would suggest that you get enough money changed at the airport for your 3-4 days living expenses . Money can be changed in the travel desk of 3 and 5 Star Hotels. The hospitals travel agent will also help you to change money.

Climate: Depends on the Location. Chennai has a warm tropical climate. Jaipur has a varying climate.

Language: English is spoken in most of our training locations.

Tourism: We will organise local sight seeing tours for the trainees on Sundays

On Arrival:

You have to submit the following

1) One Colour Photograph for our records.

2) Attested Xerox Copy of Basic Qualifications.

3) Balance due amount of the course fee.

4) Accomodation Fare ( If Opted for)

You will be assisted and guided by our office staff to get you settled in and introduced to the course coordinator and the other hospital staff. You will usually spend the first day getting acquainted with the hospital staff and working conditions at the hospital. For candidates who are not well versed in basic steps, additional exposure on Goats Eyes in wet lab can be provided ( Highly recommended for beginners or people with minimal surgical experience) prior to starting the course.

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