Lasik Training

Lasik Training suited for Ophthalmologists who want to start Refractive Procedures in their Practise. This is a unique short term course, and focuses not only the procedure, but also preoperative case assessments, post operative care and complication management.

Training is provided by expert surgeons who have more than 10000 Lasik procedures to their credit.

Course Duration: 1 Week

Instruments:  Our Centre has got best Lasik machines, Microkeratomes and Femtosecond Lasers for training.

Courses Available:

  • Basic Lasik Training: Flap Creation using the Microkeratome
  • Advanced Lasik Training: Flap Creation using the Femtosecond Laser
  • Combined Course- Basic+ Advanced Training.

Course Contents: Basic Lasik Training

  1. Instructional Course.
  2. Live Surgery by Experienced Lasik Surgeons.
  3. Preoperative Assessment.
  4. Wet Labs on Goats Eyes for Flap Creation.
  5. Patient Selection For Lasik.
  6. Supervised Guidance and Training in Lasik Procedures.( 10)
  7. Post Operative Assessment.

Advanced Lasik Training:

This course will focus on Flap Creation using the Femtosecond Laser, PRK and other advanced Lasik Procedures.

Combined Course:

This course will be a combination of Basic and Advanced Lasik training and is suitable for surgeons who have both the equipments in their center.


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