Advanced Keratoplasty Training

Our Advanced Keratoplasty Course is suitable for Ophthalmologists who are practising corneal surgeons, but would like to upgrade their skills.. This course is of 4 weeks duration. Participants will have a step by step training in Advanced keratoplasties.
The training would involve

  1. Instructional Videos on Different Techniques of Corneal Surgeries.
  2. Observation/ Assisting in Live Corneal Surgeries.
  3. Step by Step Approach on Various Treatment procedures.
  4. Wet Lab.  ( Anterior and Posterior Lamellar )
  5. Candidates will be provided with reading material and DVD of surgeries at the end of the course.
  6. Every Candidate will receive a certificate at the end of the Course.

The course would cover.

  1. Anterior lamellar surgery
  2. Posterior lamellar surgery
  3. Collagen cross linking
  4. Tectonic corneal surgery
  5. LASIK and its complications

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