Phaco Training

We offer the best Phaco Training course in India. These courses are highly recognized locally and internationally. The phaco course is tailor-made to suit the needs of the individual surgeon. This step by step course will give the surgeons confidence to perform surgeries independently after the completion of the course.

Advanced instrumentation and Experienced Faculty are available in our training centers. The aim of the course is to make the trainees confident enough to handle their own Phaco procedures at the end of the course.

Courses available:

  • Beginners Phaco Course ( Combination of ECCE/SICS+ Phaco Course for Beginners)
  • Basic Phaco Course. ( For Surgeons who are confident in ECCE/SICS)
  • Advanced Phaco Course.( For Surgeons who want to learn advanced Phaco Procedures)

Duration of the Course

The Phaco course duration ranges from 1 week to 8 weeks. The duration can be tailor made according to the needs of individual surgeons.

The Course

Advanced Course


Trainees will be taken through a introductory course in the initial period. They will be made to observe surgeries performed by expert surgeons to have a better understanding of the procedure. The candidates will gain theoretical knowledge about the Phaco Dynamics during the introductory period. Residents and Surgeons with limited exposure to Phaco will be asked to perform Phacos on Wetlabs in the initial one or two days.


The trainee surgeons will learn the following steps . The training will be one on one so that more attention can be given to each trainee surgeon. The surgeons who train are senior faculty who have done more than 1000 phacos.

1)Scleral Tunnel/ Clear Corneal Entry
2) Rhexis
3) Trenching
4) Stop and Chop
5) Irrigation and Aspiration
6) IOL Implantation

All surgeries will be recorded and trainee surgeons will have the chance to see the videos at the end of the day to understand the process and perfect their skills.



The surgeons would be evaluated in the midst of the course. They can also observe DVD recordings of their own surgeries and can correct mistakes.

Advanced Course

The final part of the training is the advanced course in which the surgeons will learn to do the following steps.

1) The Direct Chop
2) Bimanual Irrigation and Aspiration
3) Implantation of Foldable Lenses.
4) Usage of Capsular Tension Rings.

Special Courses are available for Residents wherein focus will be on ECCE and SICS.

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