Ophthalmology Residency

Ophthalmology Residency Programme:

We provide a Comprehensive General Ophthalmology Residency Programme  for National and International Doctors. After completion of this residency Doctors will become competent in various general Ophthalmological skills to manage patients in their practise. This programme is conducted in association with our various partner hospitals which have a large community outreach wing , huge patient loads and senior teaching faculty. Please note that candidates will join the course after approval of Medical Council of India. We will assist you in MCI Approval Process, but you will have to apply atleast 2.5 Months in advance for the fellowship.

Who Can Join:

1) Doctors with Basic Medical Degree ( eg MBBS)

2) Doctors with Ophthalmology Degree ( eg National Board, university etc)


1) For Doctors with Basic Medical Degree 2 Years.

2) For Doctors with Ophthalmology Degree-1 Year.

About the course:

Interested candidates can apply online and after a interview process will be selected for the course. Candidates should be willing to work  very hard and be able to attend to duties in the hospital and also the community outreach programmes.

Basic Skills : Candidates will be trained in refraction, Management of Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Uveitis etc. All basic skills for managing a OPD will be attained by the candidate including interpretation of field reports, OCT reports, FFA pictures, fundus images etc.

Surgical Skills: Candidates will be trained in Cataract surgery with IOL Implantation ( ECCE, SICS and Phaco) Pterigium Surgeries, Chalazion Surgeries, Trabeculectomies, Lid trauma management and Anterior segement trauma management .

Procedures: Candidates will be trained in procedures such as Yag laser for Posterior Capsular Opacity, Pan Retinal Photo Coagulation, Peripheral Iridectomy Barrage Laser etc.

Administrative Skills: Candidates will be trained in skills to manage the clinic such as Staff management, Account management, Optical Shop set up etc.

Candidates will also be encouraged to participate in academic activities , including participation in conferences and publishing scientific papers etc.

Other information:

Accomodation will be provided to the candidates, a montly stipend will be provided to take care of expenses. Certificate will be provided from the hospital and our organisation at the end of the course, please note down that this is primarily a skill development course .


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